Friday, 5 September 2014

20.02.14  marae
e ako ana ahau ki te write a recount about a time you were at a marae.when i went to a marae we sing lots of waiata and the boy did the haka.we went to kohewhata marae we meet lots of people who were is a big marea
it is were my papa is from i like my marae because all the people from there are nice.kohewhata marae has some lovely carvings and it is amazing because the person who made the carvings was destinys papa.i like kohewhata marae. all maraes have alot of people in and some of the maraes have couloded marae is urarangi i like urarangi marae it is a wondefull place i like uraragi  its lovely because it tell me where i am from and who are my tupuna and it tells me where my whanau come from…
i love my marae because it beautiful.

Whainga ako: Reserch Imformation About Ngapuhi